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Warehousing facilities consist of 2 sites totalling more than 100,000 square feet. Facilities are scalable with one facility having the capacity to treble thereby adding a further 100,000 square feet. As well as direct shipments to customers’ warehouses, specialised services include deconsolidation of containers with flexible delivery options including bulk to warehouse, next day to store, next day to end customer and Direct Home Delivery to end customer’s room of choice.

Quality and environment

Furniture Wholesale Group works directly with suppliers across the globe creating and maintaining long term relationships. We aim to use the best materials available and promote good practice and excellent quality across the product ranges.

All products are designed with ease of assembly as a priority and we test products in line with British Standards. As a responsible sourcing partner we are mindful of environmental priorities. We aim to use the least amount of packaging required whilst ensuring it is sufficient to transport from factory to customers’ homes giving suitable protection to the product.

As part of our code of conduct we work with the factories to protect the environment, support local workforce on both ethical and safety compliance and to ensure they meet with any local laws.